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About Us

Page Springs Living is located in a residence that was originally designed as a church. It is a two story building that was built in 1979 for Cornville Bible Church. At some point the church was renamed Valley Baptist Church. During the history of the church a Christian School was founded and occupied the downstairs portion of the building. Over time the size of the congregation dwindled until there were only 20 members remaining and it became necessary for the church to sell the property.

In 1997, Rick and Dione Cozens purchased the property with the intention of remodeling the upstairs portion of the building into their primary residence. The family owned construction business was operated from the downstairs using the classrooms for offices. As the economy declined, the Cozens’ made the difficult decision to dissolve the 30 year old business.




As they looked to the future, an idea began to form. With over 4900 square feet of livable space the downstairs area would be ideal for an Assisted Living Home. There were already several rooms that could be utilized as bedrooms and there was so much space for living. Rick and Dione began the process of getting trained as certified caregivers and licensed by the State of Arizona. Plans were drawn and the remodeling began. Dione gained experience working as a caregiver for several months in preparation for the first resident. Rick coordinated the construction and prepared the grounds.  

Their hearts are tender toward those in their golden years. Their goal is to provide a loving, homelike environment with lots of activities that will keep each resident living life to the fullest.


Meet the Owners:

Rick and Dione met in Sophomore High School English class and were married one year after graduation. Rick served in the US Army and Dione attended Arizona State University. They have two children. Their son Caleb is married to Debra and they have two girls named Caley and Danner. Their daughter Rachel is married to Joe and they have three children: McKenzie, Morgan and Wyatt. The grand kids love to come to Page Springs Living and visit with the residents.

Rick enjoys the country life. He has always had an interest in horses and has several on the property. He is currently raising a pig and several steers. Dione loves to read and spend time with the grand kids. She has been involved with many volunteer activities, including Celebrate Recovery and women's Bible Study.

In 1981, Rick and Dione started a construction business in Scottsdale named C Bar C Construction, Inc. The business grew and was relocated to Sedona in 1992. Caleb and Rachel both joined the company and took great pride in making it the best stucco company in the area. In 2010, Rick and Dione made the decision to close the company due to a slow economy. In July of 2010, God planted an idea in their hearts to start an Assisted Living Home. They wasted no time in getting started. Both attended classes to become certified caregivers and Dione took a job with a local company to get the hands on experience she would need. Rick headed up the remodel of the downstairs so the residents would be able to feel at home. Their goal is to help the residents feel like one big family and to have a comfortable environment.

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Rick & Dione Cozens
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